Shanghai Travel: Luxury Lifestyle Meets Exclusive Experiences

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Claire is an adventurous, curious, and free-spirited female traveler who is head over heels in love with exploring new places and learning about the world. She's well-traveled and knowledgeable, but Claire wanted to ensure her upcoming trips would be even more memorable, personalized, and special.

Project Kaif has worked hand-in-hand with Claire to craft her dream journeys around the globe. Follow along with Claire's adventures as she explores far-flung destinations in every corner of the world, and see exactly how we tailored each of Claire's trips to her unique passions and interests.

Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Destination

Claire was dreaming of visiting an ultra-modern “global” city; somewhere vibrant and fast-paced where she could shop, drink, dine, dance, and feel the pulse of the city. She had already visited New York City and loved it, but this time Claire wanted to go somewhere international.

On this trip Claire hoped to experience world-class gastronomy, luxury shopping, cocktails with a view, and frequent spa treatments. She was also interested in day trips to nearby destinations with vibrant culture or natural beauty.

Based on Claire’s interests, we picked Shanghai as the perfect destination.

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A bustling city of more than 24 million people, Shanghai has 30 Michelin star restaurants, an abundance of acclaimed hotels and spas, and a rich variety of urban sights, activities and experiences.

Step 2: Where to Sleep, Eat, Drink, and Play

Stay: Wanda Reign on the Bund

Located on the iconic Bund, Wanda Reign is one of Shanghai’s newest luxury hotels. The views are among the best in the city, with rooms overlooking the gorgeous waterfront and Pudong’s futuristic skyline.

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The Bund area is home to many of Shanghai’s top rated restaurants and bars, and is also a short walk to Nanjing Road, the most famous shopping street in the city.

We booked Claire one of the beautifully decorated “Trendy” rooms, which blends art deco with modern glamour. Five restaurants and bars are located on-site, including the 21st-floor MARC by Michelin-starred Marc Meneau.

Other amenities include Club Reign (a private club tailored for Shanghai’s elite, featuring the SHUI Spa, a wine & cigar bar, and a personal butler) and a luxury Rolls Royce Phantom chauffeur service.

Eat: Ultraviolet

The brainchild of French chef Paul Pairet, Ultraviolet is a highly exclusive multi-sensory dining experience. The exact location is undisclosed; diners meet at Pairet’s other highly rated restaurant - Mr and Mrs Bund - and are transported to the secret location.

The dining room accommodates just 10 guests per evening, and has no windows and no decor. Instead, the walls display a montage of images and videos, transforming the space before your eyes. Surround sound speakers, temperature-controlled air turbines, and dry scent diffusers bring a multi-dimensional element to the experience.

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All five senses are engaged as you are served 22 courses of innovative Western cuisine, each painstakingly curated by Pairet. It’s notoriously difficult to score reservations at Ultraviolet, but Project Kaif was able to get Claire on the list during her stay in Shanghai.

Do: Exclusive Experiences, Personal Styling, Private Journeys

Project Kaif handcrafted a custom itinerary for Claire based on her interests of shopping, nightlife, culture, and sightseeing. Highlights included a personal styling session with the legendary Rui Cheng at VISIONAIRE, and VIP treatment at Shanghai’s most exclusive and over-the-top clubs and bars.

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We also arranged a private day trip to Suzhou, famed for its many classical Chinese gardens and well-preserved ancient heritage.

Claire spent a full day in this “Venice of the Orient” strolling through tranquil gardens, admiring waterfront architecture, and connecting with one of China’s oldest and most beautiful cultural traditions.

Step 3: Booking the Right Travel Arrangements

For Claire’s day trip to Suzhou, we booked her the best possible form of transportation: high-speed train. What would have been a 1.5 hour drive was reduced to just 22 minutes!

There are several ticketing options available, but we arranged a business class seat for Claire to ensure her utmost comfort.

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The leather seats are spacious and sofa-like, with two seats on one side of the aisle and a single seat on the other. The seats can lie fully flat, much like a first class airplane seat, and are equipped with power outlets, tray tables, and mini LED TVs.

Want to book your own luxury journey to Shanghai or elsewhere around the globe? Contact Project Kaif today to start planning your dream adventure!