5 Good Reasons You Should Travel During the Off-Season

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There’s nothing quite like planning out every last detail of your dream getaway, only to arrive at your destination and discover that thousands of other people had the exact same idea as you!

Popular travel destinations are popular for a reason; they tend to be rich in historic or cultural importance, natural scenery, or excitement and adventure (or all of the above).

So it’s no surprise that they tend to attract major crowds...but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them.

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Traveling during the “off-season” (i.e. the months outside of peak tourism season) comes with some major advantages, including smaller crowds and more intimate experiences.

Visiting Europe in winter or South America during the rainy season may sound counterintuitive, but you just might reconsider after reading the below points.

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1. Say Goodbye to Overwhelming Crowds

There’s nothing worse than finally making it to that iconic monument or famous site you’ve always dreamed of visiting, only to have your view (and photos) obscured by hoards of people.

Peak season tends to coincide with ideal weather, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed nothing but rain and clouds if you visit during the off-season. Instead, if you’re lucky, you could end up with pleasant weather and minimal crowds.

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Imagine not having to wait in hours-long lines to visit the Vatican or the Eiffel Tower, or being free to explore the Grand Palace in Bangkok without shoulder-to-shoulder crowds.

For many experienced travelers, this feeling alone is worth the risk of a little rain or chilly weather.

2. Pay Less for the Same Experiences

Peak season travel comes at a premium - it’s as simple as that.

Airfare, accommodation, and entertainment will be at their highest price points during the popular months, which means travelers can literally save thousands by timing their trips strategically.

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Snag that luxury hotel room or villa at its lowest possible cost, or find an incredible deal on an all-inclusive yoga retreat or trekking adventure.

If there’s an ultra pricey exotic destination you’ve been dreaming of visiting, off-season just might be the perfect time to finally make those plans a reality.

3. Allow Some Room for Flexibility

Consider what it would be like to travel to a foreign destination, and have the freedom to keep your plans completely open. Your next city or activity depends only on your whims and wishes in that moment!

Sound impossible? During peak season, it often is. Hotels fill up quickly, as do trains, tours, and other activities.

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But during off-season, hotels and tourism operators can be desperate for business, meaning it’s no problem to accommodate last minute bookings, changes and requests.

Want to spend an extra night in that fabulous hotel, or book a spontaneous first class train trip to a nearby city? Go for it!

4. Witness Unique Natural Scenery

The time of year that correlates with off-season varies by destination, but it can be nice to see and experience the scenery there in a way that most people don’t.

For instance, rainy season in the tropics makes the foliage more lush and green, and makes the waterfalls and rivers fuller and more powerful.

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And while Europe in the summertime is wonderful, there’s something even more magical about wandering the streets of a quaint European town as the snow is falling down around you, coating the cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses.

5. Engage Meaningfully with Locals

Anyone who lives year round in a popular tourist destination will tell you the same thing: peak season is a drag! Busy streets and restaurants, elevated prices, and pushy crowds have a tendency to get on locals’ nerves, and can (understandably) make them less than friendly towards visitors.

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During the off-season - when locals aren’t inundated with tourist crowds - you’ll have a much higher chance of interacting with them in a meaningful way.

See how locals live their lives outside the scope of tourism, and engage with locals that are more friendly, helpful and accepting than they may be during the more busy months.