7 Smart Travel Tips You Haven’t Heard Before


As a world traveler, you’ve likely already heard all of the most common travel advice; classic go-to tips like “learn ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in the local language before you go,” or “don’t accept a ride in a foreign taxi if the meter is off.”

But even the most experienced travelers likely haven’t heard all of the tips & tricks below! Read on for 7 bits of advice that will change the way you travel.

1. Traveling as a Pair? Book the Aisle & Window Seats

If there are two of you traveling together, book the aisle and window seats rather than the middle seat on the airplane. Everyone wants to avoid being stuck in the middle seat, so there’s a good chance it will remain open by the time your trip rolls around - meaning you’ll get a full row to yourselves! If it’s a full flight, you can always ask if the person would like to trade their seat for either window or aisle, so the two of you can still sit together. Win-win situation!

2. Ride the Metro to the Very Last Stop

Using the public transportation system is a great way to get to know a new city quickly. But if you really want to get off the tourist trail and see how locals live, ride the metro system as far as you can, to the very last stop. It may not be the most beautiful part of the city, and you likely won’t find as many attractions, but you’ll escape the crowds and see a side of the city that most visitors never will.


3. Pack a Clothespin...For Your Toothbrush!

All travelers know the struggle of figuring out the cleanest, most secure place to store their toothbrush while staying in a hotel room. Some hotels may provide a cup by the sink, but others don’t - and you don’t want your toothbrush resting on the counter either. The perfect solution? A clothespin! Use it to prop up your toothbrush and keep it off the counter and away from germs.

4. Staying Outside the City Center Isn’t Always Cheaper

When browsing hotel options online, you may find that rooms located outside of the city center are much cheaper than those located in the heart of the city. But don’t book just yet - there are other factors to be considered. For instance, staying in the city center will allow you to walk to many of your bucket-list sights, attractions, and restaurants. The farther away your hotel is, the more time and money you’ll spend on taxis or public transportation. Those costs quickly add up!


5. Browse Postcards For Inspiration

The first day you arrive to a new city, head to your nearest souvenir shop and spend some time looking through the store’s collection of postcards. You’ll find cards with images of all the major attractions that you should have come across during your research, but also lesser known sights you may have missed. You may even find a handful of photogenic streets, doorways, parks, and other local hidden gems that aren’t mentioned in your guidebook at all.

6. Rethink Your Packing Cubes

You might already be familiar with packing cubes, which are great for compressing your clothing and making it easier to organize your luggage. But while many travelers use one cube for each type of clothing (i.e. one for shirts, one for pants, and one for socks and underwear) there’s a better way. Instead, organize your cubes by outfit! Each day of your trip, you’ll just need to pull out one cube containing an entire neatly packaged outfit.


7. Snap a Photo of Your Suitcase

Before you head off on your adventure, take a photo of the outside of your suitcase, and another of the contents inside. This simple step will only take a moment, but will be seriously valuable if your luggage gets lost along the way; both for identifying your bags, and for speeding up the insurance process if your items aren’t recovered in the end.