New Year’s Eve in Brazil: The Ultimate NYE 2018 Celebration

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Step aside, Times Square! New York City certainly hosts an epic New Year’s Eve celebration, but it’s far from being the only one worth attending.

In fact, the record for the world’s largest (and wildest) NYE party goes to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Each year, more than 2 million people gather to pop champagne, dance on the beach, and watch fireworks brighten the sky above the sea as they ring in the new year.

Still on the fence about how to spend your New Year’s Eve? Here’s why you need to book your plane ticket to Brazil ASAP:

Party on the Beach

This New Year’s Eve, travelers from North America and Europe can trade their heavy coats and boots for bikinis and bare feet! The celebration occurs in the heart of Brazil’s summer, meaning hot weather and sunny days. Most Brazilians will take at least a week off to enjoy the festivities, and frequently 10 days or more.

Brazil’s most famous NYE beach bash takes place on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, but there are plenty of lesser-known celebrations across Brazil that are just as glamorous and memorable.

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Florianopolis is known for its stunning beaches and luxurious resorts (imagine Saint-Tropez with a Brazilian flair) as well as its wild New Year’s events. Partygoers flock to Jurerê Beach, where day parties transition to night parties for more than a week straight.

The beach town of Trancoso in Bahia is one of Brazil’s best kept secrets, where rustic vibes meet pristine beaches and chic styles. Trancoso is the ultimate place to see and be seen on NYE, attracting some of Brazil’s wealthiest crowds. Secure a VIP table with bottle service at one of the private parties on the beach, and prepare for a ritzy celebration like no other.

Brazil New Years Beach Party.jpg

During the week leading up to the main event, head to the beach at any hour of the day or night to socialize, drink, dance, and enjoy the live music. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, join in the countdown and watch as hundreds of fireworks light up the night sky and reflect off the ocean waves below.

But the party isn’t over yet - most guests will continue the celebration until the early hours of the morning, staying up to watch the sun rise over the ocean and welcome the first day of the new year.

For a more family-friendly celebration, visit Ilhabela, home to some of Brazil’s most dramatic coastlines and unforgettable sunsets. Enjoy the tropical views and turquoise water during the day, and laid-back parties and events in the evening.

Attend a VIP Celebration

The beach isn’t the only place to ring in the new year in Brazil. Many luxurious nightclubs and hotels host their own incredible parties. These events are exclusive, so you’ll need to purchase tickets in advance. But once you’re on the guest list, get ready for a night to remember!

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These unforgettable VIP events feature open bars, highly rated DJs or live music, and optional add-ons like formal dinner. Beachfront hotels often host their events on observation decks or rooftops, so you can gaze down at the fireworks and festivities happening on the beach below.

Wear White

It’s important to dress to impress for any New Year’s celebration in Brazil - after all, the local people are known for their good looks and impeccable style.

But there’s another important “rule” to keep in mind when planning a NYE getaway in Brazil: wear white!

Brazil New Years Eve White Clothing.jpg

Brazilians believe that wearing white on New Year’s Eve attracts peace and happiness in the new year, so plan to dress in your most fashionable head-to-toe white outfits. You can customize your look by accessorizing with accent colors, which are thought to promote different types of luck:

  • Red = Romance, passion

  • Yellow = Money, wealth

  • Green = Health

  • Blue = Harmony

  • Purple = Inspiration

Offer a Gift to lemanjá, the Goddess of the Sea

Believe it or not, Brazil’s wild beach parties also have a deeply spiritual side.

In the midst of all the drinking, dancing and samba beats, you’ll catch a glimpse of locals dressed in white making their way to the water’s edge. There, they’ll light candles and float them out to sea, and toss flowers into the rolling waves.

These small token are offerings to Iemanjá, the goddess of the ocean who controls the sea.

Brazil New Years Tradition.jpg

Legend has it that if your offering doesn’t float back to shore, Iemanjá will grant you a wish for the New Year. This unique ritual is one of the most beautiful and memorable parts of a Brazilian New Year’s Eve celebration, and shouldn’t be missed.

It’s also believed that if you jump over seven waves while making seven wishes (seven is an extremely lucky number in Brazilian culture) that Iemanjá will make your wishes come true in the new year.

If you still haven't traveled to Brazil (or you have, and are ready to go back!) there’s no better time to cross this incredible country off your bucket list than New Year’s Eve 2018.

Keep in mind that private parties and events fill up fast, so be sure to book your tickets and solidify plans as soon as possible. Project Kaif can help you get into the most exclusive celebrations - contact us here to start planning!