10 Free Travel Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip

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Travel planning can be a major source of stress for a lot of people, but thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever to find the tools and apps you need to plan a perfect trip.

Whether you’re booking your travel plans independently or leaving it up to a professional, these 10 free travel apps will give you peace of mind before and during your next adventure.

1. The Infatuation

Platforms: iOS & Android

Who Needs It: Foodies 

The Infatuation is a website & app founded by two guys who wanted to help friends, family, and acquaintances find the perfect restaurant recommendation for any occasion. The app allows users to find restaurants near their current or future location, while on or offline. Expect all recommendations and reviews to be entertaining, honest, and accurate.

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2. Cool Cousin

Platforms: iOS

Who Needs It: All Travelers

There’s nothing better than having a local connection in a new city - someone who can show you the hidden gems and lesser-known hangouts you won’t find on the tourist trail. Cool Cousin connects travelers with locals who can recommend the top spots to eat, drink, shop, and play in their city. Read recommendations from like-minded insiders, or message them for personalized advice.

3. Moonlight

Platforms: iOS

Who Needs It: Campers

Moonlight - the “ultimate camping toolkit” - simplifies the process of planning a camping trip by providing pre-trip checklists that can be shared among friends and family. Assign shopping lists or tasks to each member of your group, to ensure nothing gets missed.

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3. PackPoint

Platforms: iOS & Android

Who Needs It: All Travelers

Packing for a big trip can be a pain, but it just got a whole lot easier with PackPoint. This app builds you a custom packing list based on your destination, the current weather, and any activities you may be participating in. Once the list is generated, use as-is or adjust it by adding or removing items.

5. Cairn

Platforms: iOS

Who Needs It: All Outdoor Enthusiasts

Cairn provides peace of mind for anyone who enjoys venturing into the wilderness, such as hikers or campers. Download trail maps to use offline, find crowdsourced cell coverage spots on your trail, and share location updates with loved ones back home.

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6. Hiking Project

Platforms: iOs & Android

Who Needs It: Hikers

Developed by REI, Hiking Project serves as a trail directory for more than 127,000 miles of trails across the U.S. and some international countries. The app works offline, so you can access maps and pinpoint your location even in the backcountry.

7. DiveMate

Platforms: iOS & Android

Who Needs It: Scuba Divers

Toss the pen and paper, and start logging your dives digitally. DiveMate allows you to track important data like dive duration and conditions, as well as photos, videos, and personal notes. Sync your dive computer to your smartphone or tablet to easily keep track of all your most important dive info.

8. MTB Project

Platforms: iOS & Android

Who Needs It: Mountain Bikers

Also developed by REI, MTB Project works offline to provide information about more than 108,000 miles of mountain biking trails. No signal is required to map your route and pinpoint your exact location along the trail.


Platforms: iOS & Android

Who Needs It: Snowboards & Skiers

The leading snowsports app, SNOCRU allows skiers and snowboarders to track the speed, distance, and altitude of their runs, and compare their stats with friends. The app also allows users to connect with other nearby athletes, allowing you to engage in some friendly competition on the slopes.

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10. Flyover Country

Platforms: iOS & Android

Who Needs It: Anyone Traveling by Air

Flyover Country provides context and interesting information about those vast stretches of land you cross while flying. Available offline, this app enables you to access interactive geologic maps, Wikipedia articles, dinosaur fossil information and more about the landscapes below you as you fly.


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