Digital Nomad in Berlin: Where to Live, Work & Play

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Our digital nomad Ryan had made the jump from Silicon Valley to Mexico City, where he dove headfirst into the local culinary traditions and discovered the city’s trendiest bars, cafes and neighborhoods.

Now he was ready to make his way across the pond, to a city in Europe where he could continue working remotely for his tech startup back in California.

Ryan wanted to base himself somewhere trendy, vibrant and friendly, where he could meet other remote workers and members of the startup crowd. He wanted to explore Europe’s history and culture, but within the scope of a lively urban city.

For these reasons, Project Kaif selected Berlin as the perfect digital nomad destination for Ryan.

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Rich history and modern trends; glamour and grit; laidback lifestyles and streets that buzz with energy - these conflicting themes all somehow fall perfectly into place in Berlin. Much like New York City, Germany’s capital city is urban, diverse, and eclectic. But unlike the Big Apple, Berlin never feels too fast-paced, crowded, or expensive.

Nomad List users gave Berlin a whopping 4.63 / 5 on the “Nomad Score,” which takes into consideration a variety of factors like friendliness, tolerance, happiness, safety, air quality, nightlife, walkability, and more.

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The cost of living in Berlin is good - roughly $2,000 per month for living and working remotely in the center of the city (while staying in a hotel and eating out three meals per day). The cost is slightly lower for expats, and much lower for locals who have long-term apartment leases.

Berlin’s trendiest, hippest neighborhoods include Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Prenzlauer Berg...which just so happen to align with the city’s highest concentration of cafes, coworking spaces, and digital nomad populations.

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Ryan loved the idea of surrounding himself with the bold, bohemian vibes and creative spirit of Kreuzberg. This centrally-located neighborhood is a hotspot for counterculture and rebellion, which has spurred excellent street food, abundant cafes, and colorful street murals.


Based in Kreuzberg, Ryan was in close proximity to some of Berlin’s best coworking spaces. He settled on Betahaus, known for its stylish, laid-back workspaces and wonderful cafe on the ground floor. He also attended several events at nearby co.up, a former coworking space-turned-workshop and event space, with an emphasis on software development and web design.

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Yet another highly rated coworking space specifically tailored to tech workers is Factory Berlin. Backed by Google, this campus in Prenzlauer Berg has housed employees from companies like SoundCloud, Uber, Zendesk, and Twitter.

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Should you choose to base yourself in a different neighborhood from your coworking space, the city’s excellent public transportation systems (the underground U-Bahn and the above-ground S-Bahn) make it easy to hop from one area to the next. Berlin also has a variety of on-demand scooter services, like Coup and Emmy, if you prefer private transport.


Project Kaif helped Ryan get acquainted with his temporary new home by arranging a private walking tour of Berlin’s most important sights during his first day in the city. He gazed upon Brandenburg Gate and remnants of the Berlin Wall, marveled at the beauty of the Berlin Cathedral, visited Checkpoint Charlie, and toured the Jewish Museum.

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Ryan experienced Berlin’s “underground” food scene firsthand at one of the city’s most exclusive “supper clubs” - secretive pop-up restaurants, typically hosted inside the chef’s own home or other hidden location. He also enjoyed a multi-course dinner at Zagreus Projekt, an innovative art gallery and gastronomic space that crafts gourmet menus based on temporary art installations.

We also helped Ryan cross off one of his biggest bucket list items: a helicopter tour above the city. He snapped photos of Berlin’s major sights from above while soaking in the skyline views.

Are you a digital nomad from the Bay Area or elsewhere around the globe? Project Kaif can help you map out your own journey, with your unique needs as a remote worker in mind. Contact Project Kaif today