10 Best Destinations for Foodies Around the Globe

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For many travelers, gastronomy is the ultimate way to truly connect with a destination’s culture. From cheap eats on the streets of Bangkok to five-star delights in Paris, there’s a whole world of culinary experiences waiting to be enjoyed...literally!

Foodies around the globe, get ready to add these 10 destinations to your travel bucket list.

1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Spain for Foodies.jpg

In vibrant Barcelona, dining is a marathon and not a sprint. When planning a dinner out with friends, make a night of it: spend several leisurely hours hopping between tapas restaurants, sampling seafood paella, bombas, and stews...all while sipping sangria, of course.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Japan for Foodies.jpg

Bustling Tokyo is known around the globe for its dynamic food scene. From flavorful pork ramen to carefully prepared sushi and sashimi, it's no wonder this city has become the most Michelin-starred location in the world. And don’t miss Tokyo’s incredible and unique themed restaurants: robots, ninjas, monsters, and vampires are just a few of the most popular themes.

3. Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca Mexico for Foodies.jpg

One of Mexico’s leading gastronomic and cultural destinations, Oaxaca is known around the world for its rich cuisine. Tamales with mole filling, tlayudas topped with cheese and black bean puree, and toasted grasshoppers are a just a few of the local delicacies. To drink, opt for the mezcal or decadent spiced cacao.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand for Foodies.jpg

Spicy fish soups and curries; veggie-filled fried rice; wok-fried noodles...it’s safe to say that Thailand’s street food scene is a playground for your tastebuds. A few of the must-try local dishes include massaman curry, pad thai, tom yum, and khao soi.

5. Bordeaux , France

Paris France for Foodies.jpg

Believe it or not, Bordeaux ranks ahead of the larger cities of Paris and Lyon when it comes to French foodie destinations. It's home to a number of highly regarded Michelin-starred restaurants, where you can pair fine local wine with traditional French cuisine like lamb, quail, duck, and seafood. And don't forget the baguettes and cheese - Bordeaux's wine country is the perfect spot for a leisurely picnic.

6. Lima, Peru

Lima Peru for Foodies.jpg

Thanks in large part to its multicultural population, Lima has earned a reputation for its incredible culinary offerings. Crunchy, salty chicharon; fresh and tender ceviche; hearty lomo saltado; and of course tart and refreshing pisco sour...when it comes to flavor, Lima’s food scene delivers.

7. Istrian Peninsula, Croatia

Istria Croatia for Foodies.jpg

Croatia is known for its stunning coastline, but when it comes to cuisine, the Istrian peninsula is the nation’s true hidden gem. Olive oil and truffles are produced in abundance here (you can even go truffle hunting in the Motovun forest!) creating a surplus of delicious pizza and pasta.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong for Foodies.jpg

Cheap, flavorful and inspired are just a few of the many wonderful words that could be used to describe Hong Kong’s food scene. Be sure to sample the barbeque pork, roasted goose, and clay pot rice, as well as the fish ball noodles and dim sum. For dessert, try the mango pudding and egg tarts.

9. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany for Foodies.jpg

This famed region of Italy is renowned for its wine, but Tuscany is also a rich and inviting culinary destination. Think satisfying antipasto, fresh pressed olive oil, and homemade pasta topped with a hearty tomato sauce...all while surrounded by the stunning Italian countryside.

10. New York City, United States

New York City for Foodies.jpg

No foodie list would be complete without the Big Apple. First-time visitors must sample local classics like New York-style pizza, and hot dogs from a street vendor. And don’t forget the ethnic eats in Little Italy and Chinatown! From mom-and-pop restaurants to fine dining, your options are endless in The City That Never Sleeps.