7 Wellness Resorts and Spas to Visit in 2018

7 Wellness Resorts and Spas to Visit in 2018.jpg

The start of a new year is much like a blank page, just waiting to be filled with fresh goals and aspirations. Whether you want to clean up your diet, begin a new fitness regimen, or better manage external stressors, now is an excellent time to start making improvements to benefit your mind, body, and soul.

Of course, getting started is the hardest part. Plan a getaway to one of these 7 luxurious wellness resorts and spas around the globe to kickstart your New Year’s resolution and start living your healthiest, happiest life.

1. Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

Six Senses Duoro.jpg

Experience the ultimate feeling of serenity in one of the world’s oldest wine regions. The hotel’s award-winning spa offers integrated wellness programs that provide guests with tailored nutritional advice, fitness activities, and spa treatments. Participate in one of their alchemy workshops, take an aerial yoga class, or unwind with one of their facials, body treatments or healing massages.

2. Mii Amo, Sedona


Inspired by the wisdom and traditions of Arizona’s native tribes, Mii Amo rejects a “one size fits all” approach to wellness. Surround yourself with the vibrant beauty and restorative energy of the Red Rocks as you participate in one of their Journey Packages, where you’ll learn to reconnect with yourself and discover your inner strength through yoga, meditation, fitness programs, chanting, and more.

3. COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

COMO Parrot Cay - COMO Shambhala Retreat - Beach Meditation 2.jpg

It doesn’t get much more relaxing than a luxury wellness resort set on its own private island in the Caribbean! COMO Parrot Cay is a true unspoilt tropical paradise that promises the ultimate rejuvenating experience. Their Shambhala Retreat experts will guide you to a greater state of wellness through Thai massage, full body spa treatments, yoga and pilates, and nutritious world-class cuisine.

4. Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat & Health Spa, Canada

Mountain Trek.jpg

This all-inclusive fitness retreat in the mountains of British Columbia doesn’t mess around; their program covers all of the basics of revamping your wellness habits, from exercise and nutrition to sleep, stress, and detoxification. Breathe in the fresh mountain air as you rise with the sun for morning yoga, embark on scenic hikes, and wind down in the outdoor spa before bed.

5. The Spa at Chablé Resort, Mexico


Traditional Mayan shamanism meets modern luxury at the Chablé Spa in the Yucatan. The focal point of the spa is the natural cenote, a sacred place that ancient Mayans believed to be a portal to the underworld and the afterlife. This deeply spiritual location facilitates healing journeys through a combination of traditional rituals and modern therapeutic techniques.

6. Ananda in the Himalayas, India


Tune in to the needs of your mind, body and spirit at Ananda, an award-winning luxury spa resort situated in the Himalayan foothills. The resort’s location near the birthplace of Ayurveda makes it the ideal destination for discovering your own personal nirvana through aromatherapy, yoga, therapeutic massage, healthful cuisine, and other holistic treatments.

7. Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur

Post Ranch Inn.jpg

Nestled against the dramatic coastal cliffs of California’s Big Sur is ultimate “sanctuary for the soul” - Post Ranch Inn. Inspired by the healing powers of the natural world, the spa offers treatments such as the Wildflower Facial, shamanic Fire Ceremonies, private guided hikes, and energy-balancing Reiki sessions. Decompress in the heated infinity spa, and nourish your body with the hotel’s award-winning cuisine.