A Journey Through Multisensory Gastronomy in São Paulo

If you live in São Paulo or visit often, you're likely already familiar with the never-ending concrete spanning for miles, the noisy traffic, the vibration of the streets, the smell of the river and - of course- the paulistanos, who always seem to be rushing on their way to somewhere important.

It's true that life in São Paulo can easily become an intense grind, with work and weekly routines being the primary focus. Meetings, strategy plans, networking events, happy hours and dinners at your local “regular” spots – there's always plenty to do, but it can start to feel like more of the same thing over and over. 

Can you relate? Are you hungry for something new, something different?

Well, you're in luck! While São Paulo is rich in daily routines, it's even richer in variety and the unexpected. Are you someone that loves new and authentic experiences, and is curious to step out of your norm? If so, here is a chance to get to know two very unconventional companies that are taking risks and inspiring change in the lifestyle and habits of the city’s inhabitants.

Frigobar Speakeasy

Frigobar Sao Paulo Speakeasy

Flashback to the 1920s: you are living in the United States during the Prohibition Era. Alcohol is illegal and in order to enjoy it, you must sneak into underground bars coined speakeasies.

Welcome to Frigobar.

Nothing about this place is ordinary. There's no website, no phone number, no sign at the door.

You arrive at the door, unsure if you are in the right place, and hesitantly ring the doorbell. Then you speak the secret password that was provided to you hours before, and are greeted by someone that you can definitely hear, but cannot see. Eerie! (Forgot the password? Sorry, you're out of luck - you are definitely not getting in.)

The door opens, and you are met with a dark hallway lined by candles on the floor. You're urged to proceed quickly down the hallway, and... as for the rest? Well, it’s a secret - come and find out.

Frigobar Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo Speakeasy Frigobar

Open on the weekends, entry allowed only until 22h. Reservations and payment in advance is a must.

Fechado para Jantar

The name says it all.

Fechado Para Jantar is a unique dining experience that takes place in a large theater, library, mansion, abandoned building or clothing store, which has been transformed into a melting pot of gastronomy, art, music and culture. Organized once every few months and for 3 nights only, it is a platform where creativity is queen and authenticity king.  

The Fechado Para Jantar team - lead by Chef Raphael Despirite of Marcel Restaurant - is known for their ability to successfully transform dinner parties into complete sensory experiences. And the devil is definitely in the details, from the interior décor to the staff and their uniforms. Every last item is impeccably curated to live and breathe the theme of the evening

Fechado Para Jantar
Sao Paulo unique dining experience

These are among the ingredients that make a night at a Fechado Para Jantar one of the most inventive and creative experiences in the city.

Project Kaif founder Olga attended one of Fechado Para Jantar's recent events, and recapped her experience:  

I make my way to an address in Morumbi. Upon arrival, heavy security greets me at the door and guides me to another area, where I am handed a beer and told to wait.

So I wait...and then wait some more. What happened next seems like a blur: the second door opens, a duo of men scream for me to enter, immediately place a hood over my head, and guide me to a waiting car. Before I have the chance to close the door, the car speeds off.

A rush of adrenalin fills my body – excitement, confusion, curiosity, uncertainty – and then, “Is that Spanish I hear? Where are we going?” The car jolts to a halt, and we arrive. Hood off.

Bienvenido a La Catedral. Pablo Escobar lo espera.